Record win for Canadian Steve Stinson

In 2013 Steve Stinson made history by becoming the first Canadian to ever win an FLW event on Florida's Lake OkeechobHe also dominated the field of nearly 200 anglers with a one day - 5 bass limit - of 32lbs 10oz.

 Last summer we filmed on the Kawartha's and talked about his big win on Okeechobee. He spent the day doing what he does best...flippin heavy cover with his custom made Legend Xtreme St. Croix Rods

 Be sure to check out this episode of Done Deal today.
- How did he do it
- How did he prefish the lake
- How does he rig a punch bait

Pete Tuz "This is how we do"...Post Spawn Bass

In this episode you will experience how Peter Tuz closes in on a great pattern that produces quality post spawn bass.  Pete won't let them hide and you will learn what to look for when the season opens.

Big Bass?...Done Deal - Greatness is a choice

I never had the pleasure of meeting Stefan Tuz but he has made his mark on this world through his sons Peter and Mike.   The time he invested in his boys has paid huge dividends.  Fishing is in their DNA and their father gave them a connection that will last them a life time.

Peter Tuz and Mike Tuz are great ambassadors for the sport of fishing.  Although they have had a lot of success in a very short time they are hungry and capable of so much more.

Sean Palmer the "Doc Spider"

When Sean Palmer first started fishing the Regional Bass fishing trail, he was on a hot streak from the word go. He has over 70 top 10 finishes and 12 win.  He is a 3 time Angler of the Year champion.

This episode of Done Deal follows Sean as he covers water with a swim jig and long bombing a topwater frog over the slop. Watch Sean put the "Smack Down" on some bass.

Life isn't Perfect but the perfect jig is

In the years since he burst on the fishing scene at the age of 13, Brendan Knaggs life has been transformed in too many ways to count. But there is one thing that stands out above the rest. His proficiency with a jig and the creation of his company "The Perfect Jig".

In this yet another dynamic episode of Done Deal Brendan shares many practical ways to improve your jig fishing knowledge.

BEST summer Muskie times

Summer Muskies are never easy.  Even up north in Canada we can get those warm water, dog day summer conditions. Out of all the seasons to chase musky the summer is by far my favorite.  In this video you will experiences why.  Never miss out on the opportunity to get out on your favorite musky waters after work.

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             Video Production Expertise

Doctors, mechanics, lawyers, videographers… whatever profession you care to mention, experience and expertise matters more than any other factor and, all things being equal, you do tend to get what you pay for. There are many, many moving parts in the creation of a video but at the end of the day you are paying for the expertise and experience of the key people responsible for your video. 

You can expect an hourly rate of $75 to $150 for a qualified camera operator or editor.

There are many variables:

Equipment (lighting, audio,camera,props)
Production time

Taking into consideration the many variables there is a reasonable ballpark figure that can be used as a guidepost for budget purposes. A two to three minute web-based corporate video presentation might cost between $2500 and $10,000 if you consider the mid range of variables mentioned above. For most professionally produced web-based corporate videos you should consider between $2,000 to $5,000 as a starting point, that will give you a reasonable idea of where to begin in the budgeting process.

Budgeting Tip # 1: A reference video is a great place to start.

The best way to get a quick estimate is to have a reference video to compare to. (I.e. “How much would something like ‘this’ cost.”)

Tips to save money: You could hire a student Camera Operator but keep in mind if there are any flaws in the video or audio it can be very expensive or even impossible to fix in post production (editing).  Speaking from personal experience it can be very frustrating to work with a student.  If you plan on filming on the water the challenges are far greater as well.  Therefore an experienced team that is familiar with working in the elements is crucial.

Feel free to contact me, Carey Miller, for further information on how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

"Figured it out"...Figure 8 Muskies

Witness the expert team of Musky Guide Patrick Briere and his Client Rob Carr.   Patrick uses his knowledge of the St. Lawrence River to put Rob in the right place at the right time to catch a coveted St. Lawrence Musky.

Rob shows us the keys to doing the Figure 8 and makes us all a believer by hooking a FAT 52 inch musky beside the boat.